Misconceptions About Female Strip Clubs

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They say it right that no job is easy, be it accountancy, engineering, arts, management, risk analysis, dancing, singing or stripping ops! Yes stripping is also a profession  it’s a separate field out there in most of western countries males and females are working as strippers (here we are not talking about what is bad or good, right or wrong, pressurized or willing). Mostly this job is considered difficult for a female, as it may look and sound enticing to watch a completely naked women dancing and it is indeed yummy for a male to watch such an activity. But here we will talk about some factors being a female stripper. 

There are certain myths which people think are true, or think they know the right thing (so let us tell, it’s so not true at all). Someone who is working in a strip club must know how important the house mommy is for a female stripper because, all those fine skin tone, from eye lashes to the color of the bra; everything which can make a stripper good without clothes is actually the responsibility of a house mommy, she feeds the stripper and act as a mentor and a doctor as well. Now the question arises why she is there and how she knows the right blend of beauty and sexiness? So fellas! back in her time this house mommy might not have done anything bad but still she would have been a dancer in her time and knows all about the game and that’s why she does a female stripper good hair do and perfect makeup. 

Usually there is a weird misconception, that to become a female strippers in Gold coast a lady has to have a big fat ass or really big boobies and a small waist to be a dancer to make money, this is unrelated ladies there is always a man for every woman, there are so many skinny strippers out there making much more money than those with heavy boobies and that’s how the show rolls on. Precisely there are kinds of man some wants to see a lean body naked and dancing, whereas some man wants a heavy meaty ass without clothes. So personality gets a stripper further as compared to a fat ass (sometimes).  There is another misconception regarding this job, listen fellas! not all strip clubs show the rain and do those hip hop crazy stuff and honestly not every lady knows how to dancing and do crazy wild things in the rain (so next time you watch something on insta or Youtube like raining on a naked lady and she is dancing; stop and try not to fantasize this doesn’t happen everywhere). In a nutshell there is plenty of other misconception regarding this profession of female stripping, but very few are true and real. Like we mentioned no job is that easy and especially this stripping club job (its hell out there). escorts-ladies-hire.jpg

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